"LOVEFEAST" started as an online group on social media that I utilized to express my theological, philosophical and political views with the like-minded and the truth-seekers. I had thought to incorporate the concept of a "Lovefeast" into OrKa Odyssey's songwriting projects, because the mystical communal elements interested me very much, but the opportunity just didn't present itself until I was forced to reinvent the group/act. I feel like "LOVEFEAST" represents who we are, and especially who I am, and what I want to achieve on a metaphysical level with creative expression. I also believe the term/moniker itself is quite attractive. It makes you think about love/Love and food. It has deep connotations, but it can also be very simple. The basic needs and sometimes wants of the life experience: love and food. Spiritual and physical nourishment. "Simple and deep", as Rev. Fred Rogers would have put it. We have posted a poem below that I wrote, and we feel that it may express the idea(s) of "LOVEFEAST" best - aside from the music itself, of course! 

- K. Malone



(A Proclamatory Poem by K. Malone)

Wine on the vine 
Concord grape jubilee!
Golden apples and red candelabras 
Runny honey 
Galilean sardines (traces of blood)
Grail goblet overflow 
On a bed of spirit-world, round table energy 
Veiled by posies and carnations 
Wax comb vector surprises 
Upon which three knights 
Spring forth! 
And sit together 
Feasting in love and fellowship 
Pure as snow, the lifeforce rivers disclose
Cupid's symbol for The Throne
Like punk rock, chainmail Care Bears 
Beaming agape from our stitched hearts 
Mystical melody monks! 
Ghost of Christ in the clouds 
Watching us consume 
Waiting to descend 
To activate Philia
And shine forth like variegated stained-glass 
Musical colors 
VistaVision words
Paint the dark world 
With eternal beauty 
Salt iron cell waves 
Cleanse the culture, prepare for the holy harvest 
Hexagonal (wooden) rebirth:
Weak and pale at first
Community and giving 
Like Acts, but toward the end of flowing "time".