The Legend of the Golden Dolphin

"The Legend of the Golden Dolphin" LP began where the semi-conceptual, alter-ego driven "Nommo and the Great Culture Heroes" (2016) left off...

Except this time Kyle Malone (Producer/Singer-Songwriter/Keyboardist) and Brett Ives (Percussionist/Singer-Songwriter) formed a completely new band as a result of the unfortunate loss of their former bandmate in late August of 2016. 

The four main elements that led to the conception of "The Legend of the Golden Dolphin" LP were as follows: 

Sometime during the snowy winter of 2015 Denver Producer/Songwriter Kyle Malone began reading a book called "Souls In the Sea" by Scott Taylor, Phd. Around that some time he was also re-reading "The Legend Of The Golden Dolphin" (1976 graphic novel) by Peter Shenstone. Kyle and the band have had an aquatic, Delphic wave theme going on for about seven years, adopting the dolphin as their sort of mystical symbol and or spirit animal. In fact, it has seeped through a couple of different groups that Malone and Ives have been members in, and then about a year ago this book "Souls In the Sea" challenged Kyle to seek out his veritable destiny regarding cetaceans and the very heart of the sea/Atlantis. He contacted the author and began doing scientific experiments within isolation/float tanks in an attempt to ascend to other, higher dimensions and bridge the gap between cetacean and human communication because he realized upon reading "Souls In the Sea" that his real life mystical dolphin experiences, you could say "odysseys", had all led up to that point... So that he may help continue the work and legacies of Dr. John Lily and Scott Taylor Phd. "The purpose of that legacy is to give the non-human persons (cetaceans) of the oceans and seas a voice and and a say in world affairs at the United Nations," said Malone about a year ago. In the early autumn of 2016 Malone wrote an experimental suite of music (with Ives) specifically intended for plants (plantae) called "Recording No. 78: Venus Flytrap Sea Pod (A pink, waxy experiment in pulsating, green slime human grapefruit web formations) 1. Dawn of the Plantae 2. Glorious Sunrise 3. Rise and Shine 4. Golden Ray 5. Dusk Horizon 6. Phosphorescent Velvet Night 7. Dawn of the Plantae (reprise) /Microscope: diamond ruby sand/Spock Rock". The band performed "A Concert For Plants" (for short) live at Dateline gallery in downtown Denver, Colorado in late October of 2016 complete with a waxy, pod-people art installation. They then finished the studio production of the tracks shortly after. This experience resulted in Malone beginning to sculpt horns and strings around his productions, and beginning to explore realms of sci-fi, 1960's throwback space-rock that he had never before attempted. "Music from the year 2025" as Malone describes it. Kyle also delved very deep into his personal psyche, digging up 8-bit retro relics from his past as well as painful love affair-inspired balladry. "After Atari" seems to be about his childhood in the late 80's-early 90's with references to "He-Man", "Ghostbusters", "Captain Planet", "Jurassic Park", "The Lost Boys", and his favorite cousins. This album is most definitely a departure for Kyle Malone, and a realistic personal journey into the three-score past of pop culture and the future of science and his aquatic spirituality.

The second main element that led to the conception of the LP was the addition of Brett Ives' husky, Nashville-tinged singer-songwriter sound. It gave the new record more of a masculine feel, vocally, but with a soft edge as opposed to the more Beach Boy-esque falsetto vocals that Kyle Malone typically uses in his productions. Brett Ives moved from Tennessee to Colorado in the late spring of 2016 to join Malone and their former bass player in a full time endeavor or "odyssey". The impact of the natural beauty, the Rocky Mountains more specifically, inspired Ives to incorporate a bit of a John Denver/George Jones singer-songwriter style, i.e. "Ski Town U.S.A (Colorado Dear)" and "Keeping My Head Above Water". The band had a very bad accident on tour when they collided with a 1,200 pound elk on the interstate en route to Portland, OR in the summer of 2016 just after they lost their bass player, but Brett and Kyle finished the tour successfully nonetheless with glass embedded in their arms. This triumphant experience resulted in Brett contributing a lot of very personal material to the record, but with that said, Ives also began to explore realms of fantasy with Malone. The Pacific Northwest also had a profound impact on Ives, one majestic Oregon lake in particular, resulting in a bit of an emerald-hued, highly produced (by Malone) yet primitive medieval sound on two or three of the cuts. i.e. "Emma With Emerald Eyes". One could even argue that one of Brett Ives' songs is country western-pop. Instrumentally, Ives went for Neil Peart-esque (Rush), over the top acoustic percussion, bringing back the uniform full band sound that the group was forced to depart from on "Nommo and the Great Culture Heroes (2016)" due to their proximity. 

The third main element that contributed to the conception, and more so the sound of "The Legend of the Golden Dolphin" LP, was the addition of Deano Gray on woodwinds. This allowed Malone to meld futuristic synth pop with psychedelic, baroque pop. "The addition of various woodwinds changed everything and gave the band a bit of jazzy and sophisticated feel," Malone said about Gray's contribution to the group. Deano Gray completely changed the sound of the band, filling in gaps that only a variety of horns could have filled. Deano Grayis also featured on some of the vocal tracks resulting in a more diverse, "vocal group blend."

Finally, Scott Moelich (Lost Aliens), the fourth main element, discovered the group at the Denver Post's UMS festival in the summer of 2016 where he was working as a volunteer. Three months later Malone and Ives asked Scott to contribute his unique, psychedelic bass riffs to the new LP, and Moelich fell right into the group, and the groove! What began as a studio collaboration resulted in a natural evolution with the group's live sound, and Moelich began adding his Pink-Floyd-esque psychedelic space rock guitar textures in addition to his contributions to the low end pocket. 

OrKa Odyssey has plans to livestream one of Kyle Malone's isolation/float tank experiments as a sort of creative and scientific declaration of the "Cetacean Nation" vision in an attempt to literally manifest their aquatic spirituality in the third and fourth (tangible) dimensions...

Orka Odyssey