second Full Length Album

The legend of the golden dolphin

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Saturday, October 21, 2017 6:45pm-10:00pm
Location: Millers & Rossi (map)

We are very excited to announce that our next show will be our second annual FREE art installation/concert series freakout TROPICAL SAUCER!!! 

This year's show is extra special as it is based on a cosmic short story written by Kyle involving an American man and his Japanese lover traveling to Kingdoms in other dimensions via a metaphysical Crystal Casket or "Kurisutarukyasuketto".

The installations will range from dinosaurtopia dioramas to life-sized humanoid dolphins from outer space and liquid/digital projections by Lightbender! OrKa Odyssey will be providing the sonic vibes for this interstellar trip through the past, present and future of imaginative, psych-tropic and mystical worlds. TROPICAL SAUCER '17 "Crystal Casket Kingdoms" is coming at you Saturday, October the 21st at the one and only Millers & Rossi Denver.

Doors open at 6:45pm / Musical performance 8:00pm-10:00pm.




Check out our brand new music video for our single, "after atari"!

See it in all of its nostalgic glory with state of the art special effects (for 1984!).

this one goes out to all you 80's & 90's kids !

second full length album
now available everywhere!

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Golden Boy Press

Nautical and something almost old world about this psychedelic LP, it brings you back to a time where you feel the wind in your hair and you're in the middle of searching for something that has the possibility to be life changing, just like the golden dolphin.  This 18 track LP will propose that kind of ethereal sense of exploration as soon as it sucks you in.  You might even end up saying “fuck it” to your day job (but please don't). OrKa Odyssey has provided us with the ultimate summer album, something we can listen to while going through the emotions and chaos around us in the world. 

SoundBite Magazine

Their latest DIY album, "The Legend of the Golden Dolphin," appears at first glance to be loosely influenced by video games such as "The Legend of Zelda." However, the group was inspired by imagination, spirituality, and their favorite nostalgic tv shows such as "Stranger Things." 

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Where no man has gone before, into beyond...

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From Nashville to Denver

OrKa Odyssey is a progressive oceanic synth pop band comprised of human vessels administering Spirit through sound. Their shows are theatrical and electrifying with digital and liquid projection art, lasers, glowing crystals, and sometimes even a golden dolphin from outer space! OrKa Odyssey makes music that is highly danceable and melodic with both radio hit potential and experimental vibes. The group has a boisterous stage presence with crowd pleasing dance moves and tripped out improvisational stunts.


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